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Alright. I need your help, buddies.

We're doing projects in my math class in which we have to gather data in order to make a scatterplot. It has to be data over a certain period of time that's increasing, remaining constant, decreasing... or fluctuating. I wanted to do the price of a Gibson Les Paul over the years versus the price of a Fender Stratocaster, but I wasn't able to find any data whatsoever. (If you can help me out on that, by all means, please.) Instead, I decided to do Beatles record sales over the years, because I believed it would be easier. Well, as it turns out... it's not. I still can't find anything.

So, I need your help. Does anyone know where I can find data for either of my ideas (or does anyone have any better ideas)?

Erm yeah. Thanks.

cross-posted all over the place in desperation.
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